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Premiere: ACP PRO’s ‘Videodisc’

Dark wave revivalists ACP PRO are the latest premiere on Vehlinggo. “Videodisc” offers up some kinetic, lightly sludgy synthwave that feels like The Cure and Makeup and Vanity Set teamed up to score a Nicolas Winding Refn picture. There’s a sense of urgency draped in a glossy sheen of neon-tinged darkness — an ominous and growing horror that nevertheless is eminently danceable.

The single releases officially tomorrow on the usual platforms.

Here’s how the Orlando, Florida-based ACP PRO describe their sound:

Set amongst the eerie happenings of Spielbergian suburbia, of skating rinks, arcades, New Wave, goth, Hi-NRG, EBM, and hip-hop, the duo of ACP PRO negotiate the Cold War ’80s through art. Continuing the era’s sonic legacy of horror films, these self-proclaimed genre geeks flow from the impending feel of end times, to the pounding footsteps of Michael Myers, to the sparse music of Carpenter and Cameron, the Terminator’s fleshless chrome skull burning the hot breath of nuclear annihilation on the back of a teenager’s neck.

The duo of Vlad Opreanu and Seth Weaver is currently completing two EPs while working on a variety of events and projects — all aimed at broadening the scope and reach of their distinct sound.


ACP PRO and FM Attack

The duo will perform with FM Attack and others on Saturday, March 14, in St. Petersburg, Florida, at MORPH. Here are the details. Don’t miss this!

ACP PRO have previously performed with Stilz, Betamaxx, NINA, Dan Terminus, Parallels, Shredder 1984, Tim Cappello, and Moondragon.

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