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One-Liners: The Echo Society, Bunny X, Atticus Ross

Hey you. I’ve got a few great suggestions for you today.

The Echo Society – Vol. 1

Los Angeles musicians collective and non-profit The Echo Society — a group of score composers who offer soul-shatteringly good performances that immerse, challenge, and engage audiences with novel forms of expression — recently released a new compilation called Vol. 1. It features staggeringly beautiful compositions from Rob Simonsen, Eskmo, Deru, Joseph Trapanese, Judson Crane, Jeremy Zuckerman, and Nathan Johnson. (It’s worth learning more about The Echo Society. Not only are their performances notable, but their cause is noble. They do a lot of great work.)

Bunny X – “Midnight Tensions (Feat. Ksmtk)”

You can always rely on Brooklyn Italo Disco group Bunny X to release a captivating song. Their collaboration with Ksmtk (Dmitri Voronianski) adds another damn fine gem to their catalogue. It’s a steady jam adorned with just the right amount of uncertainty.

Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross & Claudia Sarne – Dispatches From Elsewhere (Music From The Jejune Institute)

The composing trio of Ross, Ross & Sarne have long provided us with fantastic music to complement the visuals we see before us. (And certainly, Atticus and other frequent collaborator Trent Reznor have serve us well.) On this score and companion release, Dispatches From Elsewhere (Music From The Elsewhere Society), the trio provide a transcendent array of synthy and rock-oriented score cues for AMC’s anthology series, created by and starring Jason Segel, that follows “a group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life. They will come to find that the mystery winds far deeper than they ever imagined.”

[Don’t miss this interview with another frequent RR&S collaborator, one Mr. Bobby Krlic (AKA The Haxan Cloak).]

COMING SOON: A review of Geoff Barrow’s, Ben Salisbury’s, and The Insect’s phenomenal Devs score.

(Editor’s Note: As established in this post, the One-Liners column is a concise but meaningful way to highlight Vehlinggo-recommended releases. It’s not exactly weekly, but it can be. Entries are almost never one line, but they could be. Check out the most recent One-Liners post.)

(Cover art is from The Echo Society’s Vol. 1. Design: Dean Grenier Photography: Tim Navis)

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