Milan Records Announces ‘Antebellum’ Score and First Track

We’ve been waiting for this. Antebellum news! Milan Records has set Sept. 18 as the release date for the score to directors Gerard Bush’s and Christopher Renz’s much-anticipated, Janelle Monáe-starring horror film. At the helm of the score is the duo of Nate Wonder and Roman GianArthur, who are best known for their work alongside Monáe on her masterpiece albums The ArchAndroid (2010) The Electric Lady (2013); and Dirty Computer (2018), among other things.

Check out the stirring “Opening,” the first track from the score revealed to the world this week. It shows a powerful glimpse into the music the two members of the Wondaland Arts Society collective have crafted for the film.

“Writing the score for Antebellum has been a rewarding adventure in creating a musical bed that compliments the script while becoming its own unique character and identity within the film. It was really wonderful to work with my brother on this, it was one of the most fulfilling experiences,” Wonder said of the project in a statement. “Working with Janelle Monáe has also been a pleasure as always. We’ve done this a few times before and every time it is a thrilling experience to work on such intriguing ideas. It’s been especially heart-warming to work on this feature, as it is the next step in the evolution of her emotional pictures.”

GianArthur had his own thoughts to add in a statement.

“We’re thankful for the opportunity for this to be our first feature and to be working with Gerard and Chris on their first feature film as well,” he said. “After reading the script we started ideating in Atlanta at the Wondaland studio, and began with simple voice memos. From there we brought in a violin, viola and cello to flesh the tone and direction of the score out. The process of shaping these voice memos and growing them to eventually be recorded with a symphony orchestra has been gratifying and an unforgettable experience.”

Wonder and GianArthur Antebellum score soundtrack
Photo courtesy of Wondaland.

About the Film

The LionsGate-distributed Antebellum will hit video-on-demand the same day as the soundtrack’s release. The plot centers on successful author Veronica Henley (Monáe), who finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality that forces her to confront the past, present and future —before it’s too late, according to a press release.

Bush and Renz, best known for their advertising work focusing on social justice, wrote, produced, and directed Antebellum, their first feature film. They worked with QC Entertainment, producer of Get Out and BlacKkKlansmen, on the film.

If you’re unaware of the film, the release of which has been delayed because of COVID-19, check out the trailer below:

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