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LISTEN: Lakeshore Podcast Interview with ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ Composer Ben Lovett

Ben Lovett is one of the Vehlinggo‘s favorite score composers of the past couple decades and today he returns to the site in an interview with Gene Priest, who’s guest-hosting Lakeshore Records’ On Cue With… podcast. Lovett’s discussing his awesome Hermannesque score for Thunder Road director Jim Cummings’ The Wolf of Snow Hollow — both the film and Lakeshore’s digital soundtrack album release are out today.

Take a listen to this chat between Priest (Skeleton Beach) and Lovett.

About The Wolf of Snow Hollow

A small mountain town finds itself in a grip of terror when people discover dead bodies after each full moon. John Marshall (Jim Cummings) is a local cop who, amid sleepless nights, raising his teenage daughter (Chloe East), and caring for his ailing father, must remind himself there’s really no such thing as werewolves. Right? (One note: Robert Forster plays Sheriff Hadley in what became his last role before his death in October 2019.)

ben lovett wolf snow hollow soundtrack lakeshore

Check out the soundtrack on platforms such as Spotify. The album is released by Lakeshore Records, which in addition to releasing Lovett’s and Valen’s haunting “Little Red Riding Hood” cover from Snow Hollow, has also released soundtracks to Drive, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Old Guard, I Am Not Your Negro, and Halt and Catch Fire, among so many others.

When you’re done, catch up on Lovett’s back story in this interview from around the time of the Mondo release of his Synchronicity score. Then there was the time he spoke with Vehlinggo about his work on the music for The Ritual. And don’t miss out on picking up a vinyl copy of his score for Emma Tammi’s masterpiece The Wind, for which I wrote an obi strip.