New Dawn to Dawn Single “Care” Is a Revelation

Montreal trio Dawn to Dawn’s new single, “Care,” is one of my favorite releases of 2021 so far. This is a cut that’s brimful of entrancement.

The song is purely enigmatic night music that nevertheless is relatable in the way it connects to your soul. The drum machine’s rhythm has a propulsive energy to it that grabs you instantly. As she has with her solo work released on Italians Do It Better, Tess Roby hypnotizes you with her sacred incantations that are never too in-the-clouds to connect to. The interwoven yet minimalist synth parts, which Roby and pals Adam Ohr and Patrick Lee have cultivated effortlessly, complement Roby’s vox in a way that creates a song that entrances with a tangible intoxication.

The video, released today in conjunction with the single, builds off the captivating nature of “Care” with a classic music video style that at times feels like Jonathan Demme capturing New Order. Overall, you just need to get in on this Dawn to Dawn movement right now, if you haven’t already. They have an album coming at some point that surely will live up to the hype.

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