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EARLY LISTEN: The New Bunny X Album ‘Young & In Love’

Vehlinggoland residents and vistors have long been familiar with the NYC-based Italo disco/synthwave duo Bunny X over the years, but throughout all those exquisite singles and EPs there’s never been an album — until now. Vehlinggo is providing you with an early listen of Young & In Love, their killer debut coming Oct. 5 via Aztec Records.

When creating the album, the duo of Abigail Gordon and Mary Hanley were inspired by films such as The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

“For this record, Mary and I attempted to re-examine what it truly means to be young and in love and reconsider all of the feelings that go along with that, with those tumultuous yet exuberant years,” Gordon says. “Even though time passes and fads change, the human condition remains the same and we wanted to honestly think about and pay homage to all of those big teenage feelings—the fear and anxiety, the insecurities and the hope.”

“We wanted to draw inspiration directly from the 1980s, which was, in our experience, an unironic and earnest time in general, and when it came to music in particular,” she said. “We truly hope that this collection comes across as such. If so, we’ve done our job.”

They succeeded deftly in their bid to tap into nostalgia, but there’s also a well-crafted modernity to their work. For example, the title cut could easily be on one of Tegan & Sara’s 2010s synth-pop records and Don Dellpiero collab “Perfect Paradise” has the kinetically care-free nu-disco color of the likes of Goldroom and Classixx. All the while, they’ve never lost their Italo and synthwave spirit.

In addition to the collaborations with Dellpiero, the 10-track record features collaborations with Sellorekt/LA Dreams and the creative input of Gosteffects. Grammy Award-winning engineer Tony Lake is also on board. The talented Mizucat did the album art.

Pre-order the album right now in digital and physical formats. You can also pre-save it on your streaming platforms.