Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years — Listening Page

Listen to Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years via your favorite embed below, featuring new or previously unreleased music from:

  • Anoraak
  • Betamaxx
  • Bunny X
  • Deadly Avenger
  • Diamond Field & Dana Jean Phoenix
  • FM Attack
  • Forgotten Illusions
  • Highway Superstar (feat. Zoe Polanski)
  • In Mirrors
  • Johan Agebjorn& Tom Hooker (and Wolfram)
  • Le Matos
  • Maethelvin
  • Mecha Maiko
  • Metavari
  • The Midnight
  • Parallels
  • VH x RR (Von Hertzog and Rob Rowe).

In-depth liner notes are available. They include commentary from the artists about their songs and about their thoughts on Vehlinggo. There’s also an intro essay by Aaron that’s a bit of a biography of Vehlinggo. It’s a good time.

Bandcamp (Downloads)

Bandcamp is of course the go-to for fans interested in downloading an album or songs. There’s no physical release for this compilation, so this is the closest thing to that.


Stream the hell out of these songs on Spotify. Add them to your playlists. Stream some more. The artists on this comp have contributed a host of awesome cuts. Let’s honor them!

Apple Music

It’s changed over the years, but Apple’s been in the digital music game a long time. You can stream the record there, too.

A Quick Note About Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years

Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years features music from a group of artists who over the past five years have helped make Vehlinggo what it is today. The album is a celebration of this landmark anniversary, but it’s also an opportunity for listeners to have a bunch of great new music from artists they admire all in one place.

The artists come from a variety of genres, such as synth-pop, Italo Disco, synthwave, nu-disco, French disco, and film and TV scores (real or imagined). Some are part of storied recording families that have heavily influenced the landscape, such as Italians Do It Better, the Valerie Collective, and the Rosso Corsa Collective, and others are regulars on extraordinary labels like MONDO/Death Waltz, Burning Witches, and One Way Static. Others might not be tied to a specific label, but they’re building movements that are reverberating across the spectrum. And some are even returning with new projects or collaborations after helping lay the groundwork decades ago.

However you frame it, the cadre of souls who’ve contributed to this project are earnest, kind, and talented, and their music promises a beautiful and engaging experience.

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