Bigger Brothertiger Needs $4K For 3rd Album

Brooklyn-based indie synth-pop/nu-disco band Brothertiger needs $4,000 to get beyond the bedroom and into a proper studio now that frontman John Jagos has expanded the group into a four-piece.

Jagos’ IndieGoGo bid, which kicked off on Nov. 17 and closes on Dec. 17, offers up the usual treats that crowd-funded campaigns usually do: free downloads and free vinyl and some signed merch. However, for someone fortunate enough to have half the $4,000 goal lying around, the band will produce and mix his or her song. So far, he has raised $745.

“I’ve set up this funding campaign because, realistically, I need a decent amount of $$ to make this new album sound the way I want it to sound,” Jagos said on the page. “In the past, I’ve recorded and mixed everything myself. Now, Brothertiger has become a  4-piece band, which means there’s more work to be done in the studio in terms of tracking and mixing. It requires a lot more coordination, time, and resources, the most important of which being money.”

On his first Brothertiger record, 2012’s Golden Years, Jagos crafted a gorgeous, often upbeat palette of intimacy in a wash of warm synthesizers and dispassionate vocals. He sounded a bit like the similarly capable Washed Out. On Future Splendors, released the following year, Jagos came back with a bigger sound that stayed true to his template. “Further On,” featuring vocals by Laura Ornella, was particularly brilliant. It’s airy and gorgeous, and Ornella is angelic.

This time around, Jagos has even bigger plans.

“This is the first Brothertiger album that will be recorded in an actual recording studio,” he said. “The past 2 records were done at home. This album is quite different than the past material, mainly because we’re recording more real instruments on it (drums, bass, guitars, percussion, etc.) This requires a good studio with a great engineer, which is why we are choosing Matt at Vacation Island to help us bring these songs to life.”

Full Disclosure: I gave $5 and got the first two albums as a reward.

(Photo: Brothertiger.)

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