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Highway Superstar, Amazing Police Debut ‘Aftershock’

Photo Credit: Highway Superstar.
Photo Credit: Highway Superstar.

Highway Superstar, the popular Tel Aviv-based synthwave mastermind and Futurecop! collaborator, has debuted “Aftershock,” a new disco piece recorded with Norwegian synth-funk guru Amazing Police.

The instrumental, released on Monday, is a delightfully laid-back but danceable number that combines the fuzzy synthesizer color of the 80s-minded synthwave movement with a funky-sweaty, strutting slap-happy bass straight from the realm of good-times disco. I can’t help but wonder what this song would sound like with Fred Ventura on vocals.

It feels like a true collaboration. Highway Superstar’s way with the keys and Amazing Police’s soulful groover tendencies come together really well. Neither artists are guests on this track, which will surely make their respective fans happy.

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