92-Track Symmetry ‘The Messenger’ on iTunes

Update (04/11/2015): It looks like this has been replaced with the 12-track version since I originally wrote this post.

At some point fairly recently a new, 92-track version of the 2011 promo album The Messenger showed up on iTunes. Symmetry, a project helmed by Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker, both of Chromatics and Desire, originally issued the 13-track vinyl in a super limited release and repressed 1,500 copies of it last year.

Courtesy photo. Italians Do It Better.

But this week I noticed that there is a 92-track, 216-minute version of the album on iTunes, in place of the original set. At first listen it seems to  include those initial cuts, plus a slew of compelling additions (including what seem like alternate or even early versions of cues that would later show up on the Lost River soundtrack).

I encourage Italians Do It Better fans to buy it: It’s only $7. Yes, that is $7 for almost four hours of great work. It’ll be a soundtrack to your life, or at least some of your night.

symmetry the messenger

Update (Dec. 16): On its Facebook page, Italians confirmed Johnny’s clandestine upload of the extended The Messenger.

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