Kristine – The Deepest Blue

Promotional photo of Kristine by Zoe Tsolaki.

Kristine, the songwriter and singer whose vocals front most of the best synthwave songs of the past five years, is preparing to release her much-anticipated full-length album in early 2015. To tide fans over, in July she released “The Deepest Blue,” which nearly six months later only makes listeners even more anxious and excited for what has been incubating.

“The Deepest Blue” has a beat, arrangement and synthesizer riff that invokes Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” but somehow manages to be simultaneously more melancholic and triumphant than Henley’s classic.

As with the Athens, Greece-based singer’s biggest hits, such as her solo gem “Modern Love” and her work with Futurecop! and FM Attack, among others, “Blue” is a perfect venue for Kristine’s huge vocal prowess. Her smooth, often sensual, voice slides easily up and down the octaves while tearing down mountains with an earth-shattering howl. Add this to the colorful synthesizers and glistening guitars, and you get the theme for the soundtrack to an 80s teen film, perhaps one directed and/or written by the late, great John Hughes.

“The Deepest Blue” is mixed and mastered by Highway Superstar, another synthwave powerhouse whose penchant for collaboration is one of his greatest gifts. The single also features remixes by the inimitable Miami Nights 1984, Bestrack and Dance With The Dead.


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