Get Mike Simonetti’s ‘At the Juncture of Dark and Light Vol. 6’ Spacey Krautrock Mix

Mike Simonetti
Mike Simonetti – At the Juncture of Dark and Light, Vol. 6. Photo Credit: Asher Levenson.

Holotape Recordings of Minneapolis on April 8 will release “At the Juncture of Dark and Light, Vol. 6,” the latest chapter in the spacey, synthy, krautrock adventure of Mike Simonetti (formerly of Italians Do It Better and currently of Two Mikes Records and the excellent Pale Blue project).

The cassette- and digital-only mixes tend to span the galaxies of Vangelis-esque to straight-up, freakout prog-rock synth explosions and chunky groovers and the essence of Can. Things get experimental, contemplative, and even a little existential. Your soul is ripped from itself and cleansed in a rinse of both the dark and the light side of things, and then is placed back into your corpus for some serious meditation. Oh, and it’s just a lot of fun music, too.

Check it out at Holotape Recordings’ Bandcamp page.

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