Follow Bill & Murray Down the ‘Rabbit Hole’

Rabbit Hole
Bill & Murray’s “Rabbit Hole.” Photo Credit: Bill & Murray, Oleg Galay, and Other Voices.

You’re going to want to follow Bill & Murray down this “Rabbit Hole” of a big and ethereal Kate Bush homage bathed in a Chvrches rinse.

“Rabbit Hole,” the new single from Bill & Murray, is a healthy serving of earnest synth hooks, twinkling guitars, breathy vocals, and metallic atmospheres that coalesce in a paradoxically big and minimalist fashion.

It’s like some song you’d hear inside some kind of nightclub built inside a cave in some part of the world where mildew adheres to everything at night.

Singer/keyboardist Stella Gotshtein’s vocals are much more hushed and more limited in range than Bush’s are, but Gotshtein and guitarist/vocalist David Blau tap into the spirit of Bush’s 80s work in a way that makes the comparison not entirely insane. There’s also a healthy dose of post-Vince Clarke, pre-Alan Wilder Depeche Mode and Adore-era Smashing Pumpkins that when combined with the Bush essence make for a rather fascinating song.

But hey, it’s easy to toss around the references to life-changing, moody 80s artists, Chicago-based egoists, and modern-day retrosynthers, but it’s important to consider the bold idea that perhaps Bill & Murray live up to it.

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