Phantom Ride Remixes Futurecop! on New Album

Photo Credit: Futurecop!

Consider this the reintroduction to Phantom Ride’s remix of the excellent “Into Your Heart (Featuring Hunz & Mosaik).” This version of the song will be released on April 17 on Futurecop!’s new Fairy Tales: Remixed album on the Kiez Beats label.

You might remember Phantom Ride’s take on the song from the “Heart” single last fall. It has all of the hallmarks of his finest work: shiny, emotive hooks, great beats, and expert production work.

Along with Phantom Ride, the album will feature remixes from Dream Fiend, Muneshine, Sunglasses Kid, Thunderclaw, VHS Glitch, and others. Pre-order it on iTunes (or, if you’re reading this on April 17 or beyond, just buy it).

Proceeds from sales of the album will go to the War Child organization, which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

According to Futurecop!:

“Futurecop! music has always been about nostalgia, fantasy, and dreams. Over the years it has slowly become… deeper, with principles such as innocence, courage, love, and equality as something that Futurecop! is now closely connected to. Futurecop! strongly believes in these principles and it is the reason why a charity like War Child is so important.”

“We are all humans and we cannot turn a blind eye to suffering of other humans, especially innocent children. They are the future… We strongly believe good education from childhood can seriously help peace, and because of wars good education in many countries does not exist.

You might remember Phantom Ride from his popular and catchy debut album, Supersonic.

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