Rationale’s ‘Fast Lane’ Is A Beautiful Mystery

Photo Credit: Rationale.

There’s something fascinating going on and it’s happening in the paradoxically titled “Fast Lane,” an overwhelmingly powerful slow-burner with buttery vocals, comforting guitar noodlings, and ethereal, soulful synthesizers all atop a laid-back bouncer-of-a-drum-part.

I’m not sure how I even found this song. It feels like one day I just woke up and this gorgeous gem was just there. The artist, Rationale, only has this one song on his or her Soundcloud page to-date. It just sits there like it has always just been here. It wasn’t created so much as it always was and is.

I keep playing it, engrossed in the colorful, earnest nuances that do much to instill humanity even after the hardest days in the concrete jungle. Rationale tags the song as “music to travel to,” and it makes me wonder. I could drive across the U.S. with this perfect song on repeat, easily. But just imagine what complementary songs Rationale has in store for us? If this song is this good, what else awaits us on a future EP or album? And how many times around the world will it take us?

Listen now and listen often.