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Diamond Field’s Vehlinggo Mix: Phantom Ride, Edobot, Soviet, Starbound, More

Photo Credit: Andrew White (with the Alexander Burkart-designed Vehlinggo logo.)
Photo Credit: Andrew White (with the Alexander Burkart-designed Vehlinggo logo.)

Preview “This City,” Diamond Field’s new collaboration with Matt Ruys, on the latest Vehlinggo mix.

Popular Brooklyn-based producer and visual artist Field has compiled Vehlinggo’s first synthwave-heavy mix. It was initially available only to newsletter subscribers and then Facebook fans, but now anyone can enjoy it.

In keeping with tradition, he’s offered up a collection that stays chill and dreamy — with a healthy dose of experimentation and a hell of a lot of heart. From Miami Nights 1984’s remix of Soviet’s “Onto Something” and Von Hertzog’s “Jet Ski Joyride” to Phantom Ride’s “Your Love” and Starbound’s “Road to Victory” (the baby of Dream Fiend and Killstarr), Diamond Field has put together a crucial mixtape for virtually any occasion.

The tracklist is below:

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1. (0:18) atOlla  – Artic Gazing (Australia)

2. (4:47) Gamer – Old Money (New Zealand/Australia)

3. (7:20) Bachelor of Hearts – Tequila Sunrise (Finland)

4. (10:35) Diamond Field feat. Matt Ruys – This City (pre-release) (USA/Singapore/New Zealand)

5. (15:57) Camouflage – That Smiling Face (Edobot Remix) (Germany)

6. (23:23) Herr Doktor – Twilight Chase (Portugal)

7. (26:45) Von Hertzog – Jet Ski Joyride (Album is due May 19) (USA)

8. (30:06) Soviet – Onto Something (MN84 Remix) (USA)

9. (34:50) Phantom Ride – Your Love (USA)

10. (39:32) Nina Yasmineh – Dark Heart (Diamond Field Remix) (USA)

11. (44:17) PRSMA – Glowing Waves (Canada)

12. (49:14) Starbound – Road to Victory (Australia)

13. (52:37) Haunt – Video Dreams (USA)

From Diamond Field: “Thanks to all the artists for the use of their music in this mixtape.”