New GUNSHIP Album Coming July 24

Photo Credit: GUNSHIP.
Photo Credit: GUNSHIP.

Rising synthwave trio GUNSHIP will be releasing their debut, self-titled album on July 24, which is great news in and of itself.

But check out the collaborators: Miami Nights 1984, Carpenter Brut, Makeup and Vanity Set, The New Sins, Stella Le Page, Charlie Simpson, and Martin Grech, according to a band announcement.

You can pre-order the entire album on iTunes right now, and it looks like you’ll get two songs to hold you over until the release: “The Mountain” and the popular “Fly For Your Life.” Both encompass what we love about the new band, namely that they write catchy and full songs that represent a bigger, more organic-sounding iteration of synthwave.

Overall, it seems like the UK-based GUNSHIP, composed of Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, and Alex Gingell, are setting us up for quite the engaging experience.

For more information, go to GUNSHIP’s Facebook page.

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