One Hell of an Interview Roundup

Ionlywannadancewithyou-RedHookIt’s been a while since I did a roundup. I’ve been looking back at some of the interviews that I’ve done for Vehlinggo so far in 2015, and realized that you might have missed some or all of them over the course of the past several months.

You can scroll through the master list yourself, or go straight to your favorites below. They’re listed in alphabetical order:

Beatbox Machinery
College (Part I)
College (Part II)
Fred Ventura
Highway Superstar
Mike Simonetti
Nola Wren
PH Groove 
Robots With Rayguns
SelloRekT/LA Dreams

I’ve got some more great ones in the works, but I’m curious who else you want me to interview? Comment on this post or over on Facebook or Twitter.

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