SaiR Returns and Asks Us to ‘Remember When’

SaiR-RememberWhenPortugal-based SaiR — the soulful retrosynther who’s been a part of Rosso Corsa for years — on June 13 uploaded “Remember When,” an electro-funk/boogie number that wears its clean, sophisticated sheen like a finely pressed suit.

“Remember” reminds us that SaiR (AKA Ruben Allen) can write a damn good groove, as if we ever forgot. The song struts its way around our consciousness, its drum machine keeping us steady and the bass giving us a little momentum to move forward. The shiny guitar riffs make sure we do it all with a little bit of style.

Whether we’re dancing, trying to find some company for the night, or just having a nice cocktail with some friends, SaiR is making sure we’re staying in the mood and doing it with the right intent and the right pair of shoes.

Digging a little deeper, SaiR’s new song maintains one of the features I love about his stuff: Even though it’s got that simple, firm foundation, the arrangements are still satisfyingly complex — but only to a point. The various synthesizers get involved in this interplay of harmonic conversations and catchy melodies that make the song’s conclusion almost upsetting. Dammit, SaiR, we were just getting started.

I’m glad SaiR released a new song, because it gives me the opportunity to bring up a thought I’ve had for some time: Imagine how great it would be if SaiR teamed up with Liquid Pegasus and/or Sven Atterton. It wouldn’t take much for that combo to summon Morris Day for what could be a very interesting time.

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