Hear Maethelvin’s Excellent Remix of the College and Nola Wren Song ‘Save The Day’

Some days are fine days, and others are glorious ones. Today is one of the latter, because Valerie Collective artist Maethelvin has released a remix of his friend and colleague College’s most recent single, “Save The Day,” that darkesque and inspiring collaboration with Brooklyn artist Nola Wren.

Fresh off a successful show with College in Tokyo and Valerie’s birthday celebration in Hong Kong, Maethelvin has unleashed a completely reworked version of College’s brooding take on late 70s and early 80s stalker films. But whereas the original “Save The Day” is the lurker in the shadows, the remix is the party the strange lurker is watching.

I’ve enjoyed the original, which is a bit obvious to anyone who reads this blog. I like both the perilous moodiness and the female-as-the-hero lyrics of the original. This time around, Maethelvin gives Nola a brighter type of disco backup. Before, Nola was trying to reassure someone she was going to save the day. Now, she’s somewhat celebratory in confirming her ability to do so.

Check it out. It’s available as a free download.

A bonus: Valerie member Stephen Falken and Maethelvin released a new ambient/atmospheric electronic collaboration today, too:

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