Watch Code Elektro’s New Somewhat Dystopian Music Video

Photo Credit: Code Elektro.
Photo Credit: Logo by Niclas Mortensen and illustration by Kilian Eng.

Danish electronic composer Martin Ahm, AKA “Code Elektro,” has recently released his music video for “Cyber Dreams,” and it’s something straight out of science fiction. The story is centered on these couriers called “Syncs” and in fact uses footage from a short film about those figures named SYNC, directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull.

The special effects are pretty great, and overall the futuristic dystopian vibe suits Elektro’s Brad Fiedel-inspired music quite well.

For more information on Code Elektro, check out our interview from a couple months ago. You can get the album Superstrings over on his website.

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