FM-84 Takes a Stand on ‘Tears’

Photo Credit: Colin Bennett.
Photo Credit: Colin Bennett.

FM-84 is back after taking the summer off, and the result is gorgeous.

On “Tears,” FM-84 puts both feet into mining Tycho influences to create a progressive soundscape with airy synthesizers, glistening guitars, and a rather straightforward rhythm section.

FM-84 has always had elements of Tycho’s resplendent ambient, chillwave, and downtempo sensibilities, but this time the San Francisco-based artist has all but obliterated the synthwave sound for which he became known just earlier this year. Now, he’s going further into alignment with those who use retro soundscapes as means for relatively modern ends.

Apparently, this new song is part of a forthcoming EP called Wow & Flutter, which based on what I’ve heard seems to be shaping up to adhere to the direction he’s taken with this new song. That’s a great thing. It suits him better. If his synthwave flirtation is going to end, I’m glad it’ll end in “Tears.”