Let Brothertiger Change Your Life on ‘Out of Touch’

Photo Credit: Brothertiger
Photo Credit: Brothertiger

Some of you might recall that several months ago I posted about how Brothertiger, AKA John Jagos, was crowd-funding his third LP.

Whereas before he was mostly a man with his machines, now he’s more of a band of multiple souls (or at least, more expansive means), and whatever form Brothertiger took it needed some bread for it all to work. Well it happened and it has worked out so very well.

On his new cut, “Out of Touch,” Brothertiger offers an anthemic — for him — experience with catchy synthesizer hooks, some sharp guitar jabs and leads, and a rhythm section that sounds like there’s people behind it. His pleasantly breathy vocals cap it off with a rather comforting sentiment.

My favorite song of his is still “Further On,” a delightful house-infused synthpop number featuring Laura Ornella and which rests on his second record, Future Splendors, but this is some colorful, engaging fare that is catchy, uplifting, and inspiring.

More importantly, though, Brothertiger is making an entirely new statement with this new record. He’s Wild Nothing without the C86 baggage. He’s a synthpop act who’s picking up on the importance of indie rock. He’s…

Listen, he’s doing something extraordinary and if the rest of the new record sounds like “Touch,” then he’s poised to make a rather notable impact on modern music.

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