Highway Superstar Kills It on ‘Hunters’

Endgame cover art. Photo Credit: Highway Superstar.
Endgame cover art. Photo Credit: Blood+Chrome.

Kung Fury soundtrack artist Highway Superstar is back with “Hunters,” a catchy new 80s throwback fronted by the powerful singer Honey Colonna.

The song’s jittery, freestyle-like backbeat, provided by synthwaver Sunglasses Kid, and the intricate synthesizer and guitar parts, altogether give the song a powerful propellant to achieve its goal of sounding almost exactly like a serious synthpop song from the mid-80s.

The cut’s minor-chord charms give the feeling of some pre-coital tension. Every orchestra hit and catchy synthesizer expression moves their story along, giving us the impression that we’re heading to that great pay-off.

This song is quintessentially 80s — it’s something you’d have heard on the radio or on a film soundtrack in about 1986. But there’s something else about it that makes it not just a novelty, but something more enduring: The songcraft. The song’s musical composition and structure is diverse and compelling, offering twists and turns that Colonna easily navigates.

The chorus, “Hunters in the night…,” is simple but enchanting. You can, and will, sing along to it and all other vocal hooks “Hunters” presents to you.

Highway, also known as Alex Karlinsky, first teamed up with Colonna on the laid-back “Minds to Rest” single, and she’ll show up again on two other cuts on his forthcoming Endgame, due in the next couple months. This is a very good thing. She helps him achieve what it seems this new album is going for: Bigger, more complex, and more engaging songs.

Now if only Karlinsky and Colonna would team up for an entire record.

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