A New Kind of ‘Dreams’ for Timecop1983

Screenshot from the Share Ideas music video for Timecop1983's
Screenshot from the Share Ideas music video for Timecop1983’s “Dreams,” released on Monday.

This week, the Share Ideas YouTube channel debuted a trippy and endearing music video for “Dreams,” one of the most popular Timecop1983 songs. The Dutch-based synthwaver released the track last year on his Journeys album and Share Ideas is breathing new life into it.

In the hands of the Share Ideas team, the Dana Jean Phoenix-fronted cut’s dreamy soundscapes take us through both real and Tron-gridded mountain expanses and into happenstances like fire dances, yoga poses, and playgrounds with children enjoying their dream-like innocence. It’s by far the closest Timecop1983 has ever gotten to being “full Futurecop!”

Share Ideas head Simon Gordon describes the channel as a medium for screening short films on music, thinking, and healing, and through this video he’s achieved a nice balance of all three. Check it out.

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