Listen to Synthy Bliss from Moonbabies

Photo Credit: Moonbabies and Culture Hero.
Photo Credit: Moonbabies and Culture Hero.

Husband/wife dream-pop duo Moonbabies have reworked their recent Wizards on the Beach album with an eye on synthesizer-heavy arrangements. In advance of the Oct. 28 release, Swedes Carina Johansson Frick and Ola Frick have given the world “Chorus (Retake),” a compelling and emotional 80s-nodding synthpop cut from the album.

Whereas the original “Chorus,” released earlier this year, has an organic quality that reminds me of walking in marshlands on an early fall morning, the “retake” version recalls the bouncy, night-drenched reminiscence of the likes of Tanlines and Brothertiger.

The music is spacey but tight, and the vocal work, including guests The Ghost Children — will Glass make an appearance? — is breathy and still dreamy.

But for a somewhat scratchy master recording, I’m on board with this cut. I’m eager to hear how the other retakes pan out. If they’re anything like “Chorus,” it’ll be a beautiful experience.


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