ReSounds: Furniteur’s Intimate Chromatics Tape Edit

Photo Credit: Furniteur.
Photo Credit: Furniteur.

Based on what I’ve read, heard and divined, Chromatics have been done with their Kill For Love followup, Dear Tommy, since April and “they will release it when they feel it’s the right time.”

Because of that, lately has been the right time to get my fix with Tommy singles and edits of KFL tracks. One that stands out is a tape edit of “The Page” from visual artist and electronic musician Furniteur (AKA Brittany Sims).

Some of you might remember her haunting indie dance/Italo Disco self-titled EP from last year, released on Kevin Bayly’s Prince George Records. Its sound matches the label’s tight, arty aesthetic. She carries her trademark sonic palette through on her “Page” edit, but also makes some changes to Johnny Jewel’s masterpiece that magnify the haunting intimacy resident on the song and all the others on the Post-Drive LP.

Photo Credit: Furniteur/Prince George Records.
Photo Credit: Furniteur/Prince George Records.

Sims’ version has a more pronounced pulsating gait that both complements and fattens up the chunky rhythm of the original. That she slowed down the tempo several beats-per-minute helps to reinforce that. She also added some lush, gorgeous synthesizer harmonies and understated arpeggiations to the background, bolstering the original’s rather minimalist design.

Overall, the combined effect is a cut more in-tune with a small dance club bathed in pink light and revelry than the LP version, which leans more toward scrappy rock clubs.

If you’re waiting for Tommy to come out, and have played all your other Chromatics songs to death, don’t worry. Furniteur will take care of you.

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