St. Lucia’s New Single Will Have You ‘Dancing on Glass’

Photo Credit: St. Lucia.
Photo Credit: St. Lucia.

Just when you thought Brooklyn-based band St. Lucia couldn’t elevate you any further, they released “Dancing on Glass,” a synthy, retro-esque cut good for at least a dozen plays a day.

The song’s got St. Lucia’s trademark uplifting chorus and big arrangements, recalling some of the most exciting and grand synthpop of the 80s. There’s a little Phil in there, some Lionel and even some Steve Winwood, at minimum.

The title sounds painful, though, right? Who wants to dance on glass — even with a solid pair of shoes? Well, you will once you hear the song. If you’ve already heard it, then you know what I mean.

No details on a forthcoming album came packaged with the single’s release, so we’ll see where this beautiful experiment goes. I’ll make sure to update this post if I find out.

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