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One-liners with Vehlinggo: Nola Wren, Morgan Geist, Miami Nights 1984, Monty Luke, and More

There have been some exciting releases lately, all of which I’ve been listening to as much as possible. I’ve even been listening to some so much that I’ve forgotten to write about them.

There are cuts here for people with all kinds of interests. We have the synthwave of Miami Nights 1984 and OGRE/Dallas Campbell; the techno of Mandingo and Morgan Geist; the catchy synthpop of Nola Wren and Lilly Wolf; and the ambient bliss of Keith Richie.

Check out them out below:

Morgan GeistMegaprojects One – Dance music as a study of humanity’s intrinsic need to reach for the stars via our architecture.

Nola Wren – “Dancing on the Roof” – A quirky and jovial mid-tempo gem that manages to reveal a touch of melancholy.

OGRE and Dallas CampbellAll Hallows’ – Halloween’s dead, but you can raise it from the grave with this great score for an imaginary film that recalls more than one shade of Johnny Jewel’s Symmetry project.

Mandingo (AKA Monty Luke)Parallel Universe – A poignant collection from one of the most compelling purveyors of various concoctions of house and techno out there.

Keith RichieAmbient Highways – Often the only music other than Tycho that keeps me contemplative and contented.

Lilly Wolf – “Promises and Plans” – Make the former and cancel the latter, because you’re going to be spending some quality time with Lilly.

Miami Nights 1984 – “Pavement Surfing” – The OG of synthwave/outrun is back, and the result is as melodic and uplifting as always.