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ICYMI: Music Videos from Highway Superstar, Nightcrawler, Confrontational

We live in content-rich times, and often there isn’t enough time, money, or willpower to try to take it all in. Along those lines, here are three music videos from retrominded synth artists you might have missed.

Nightcrawler “Haunted Keys”

“Haunted Keys” is the tale of a haunted synthesizer, doomed to be played forever. It’s an instrument that cannot be defeated, according to Catalonia-based Nightcrawler. It makes for a rather fascinating video. Nightcrawler (AKA George Gold) at one point appears to call in a priest to exorcise the synth. Hmm, “Exorcise the Synth” has a nice ring to it. Take note, dark-synthers.

Confrontational – “To Live and Die on the Air (feat. Cody Carpenter)”

Not only does Sardinian Massimo Usai make a horror-synth record under the moniker Confrontational, but he went so far as to record a song with John Carpenter’s son on lead synths. The video for the song doesn’t have Carpenter’s visual presence, but those synths are there.

Highway Superstar – “Dream Diary (Feat. Honey Colonna)”

This premiered on Vehlinggo a little while ago, but it’s worth reminding people of its existence. On his new album Endgame, the Kung Fury soundtrack star Highway Superstar (AKA Alex Karlinsky) has gone for a bigger, more complex, and more fully realized approach to 80s retrosynth/synthwave.

That has included the release of his first video, which is a palm-desert affair involving classic Porsches, ferris wheels, sexy actors, and the catchy melodies of Superstar’s first single featuring lead vocals.

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