‘Cut Me Out’ Ensures Holy Visions Will Be With Us For the Long-Haul

Coup de Grace has recently released Holy Visions' new cut, the exquisite "Cut Me Out." Photo Credit: Holy Visions.
Coup De Grace has recently released Holy Visions’ new cut, the exquisite “Cut Me Out.” Photo Credit: Holy Visions.

Holy Visions is set to release his debut LP soon, and to get people ready he recently put out the airy house-infused synthpop “Cut Me Out.”

On the new single, he carries on the sunny, laid-back vibe of his debut single “Santa Barbara.” This time, though, he takes it up a notch with a more elaborate Brothertiger/Cut Copy-esque arrangement and some relaxed, Kurt Vile-nodding vocals.

The Wisconsin-based Holy Visions (AKA Nick Schubert) is an artist I could see easily making a mark on modern synthpop/indie-pop in the way that the aforementioned acts have.

One reason for that is that Schubert is simply a talented musician and writes catchy songs, but I also think that he goes beyond the technical and touches on some core needs of sentient beings.

It’s not enough that he has glossy pink synth sounds, a house-infused backbeat, and comforting vocals. It’s the all encompassing feeling of serenity and pan-species goodwill the music conjures up that makes this cut a necessary part of a modern synthpop fan’s collection.

Schubert, we’re not going to cut you out. We’re going to keep you sticking around with Krazy Glue.

The new album is supposed to come out on the Coup De Grace Studios label before the year ends.


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