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Vehlinggo Premiere: ROOM8’s Remix of Cappa’s ‘Other Girls’

cappa-ROOM8-coverIndie-pop artist Cappa has been winning people over with the Robyn-minded “stalker pop” of her popular “Other Girls.”

But in this Vehlinggo premiere of their remix, LA-based ROOM8 (Ezra Reich and Nic Johns) have taken the great pop track and added some fatter beats, faster arps, and amped up the obsessive vibe considerably.

Here’s Reich’s take on the song:

“One of our favorite kinds of pop songs is something we refer to as ‘stalker pop’,” he said. “It’s a sentiment that Robyn nailed so well in ‘Dancing on my Own’ — The obsessed lover, going through a breakup and voyeuristically watching her ex with a new partner, imagining they are still really together.”

Stalker pop has dark sentiments set to infectious harmonies and melodies, which Reich’s and Johns’ friend Cappa “couldn’t have nailed better” in “Other Girls,” he said.

“We wanted to play on those feelings even deeper in our remix by playing up the groove and repetition of the line, ‘Not like other girls,” over and over in the intro and hooks,” he said.

Have a listen: