Pr0files’ ‘Like a Knife’ Is the Spectral Night-Disco You Need

Pr0files. Photo credit: David Uzzardi.
Pr0files. Photo credit: David Uzzardi.

“Like a Knife,” the latest single from Jurassic Technologie, an LP that Pr0files is sitting on until Feb. 23, is a slow, dark, and intimate affair that’s as engaging as it is beautiful.

This isn’t the first song by the duo of Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum to delve into the darker side of synthpop, but it’s their first foray into tapping the soul of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and Chromatics Kill For Love album on a single song.

It takes about a second to get engaged in the tension that emanates with each pulse of the bass, each stab of the synths and drums, every note of Pardini’s voice, and every slide of the guitars.

By the time the chorus kicks in — with its slight dalliance with major chords — it’s clear there are specters and capers to behold with this molasses-laden dark-disco experiment.

It’s a song that slides perfectly from candlelight vigils to late-night romances to ontological struggles on the train ride home. Let’s see where this takes us.

[Editor’s Note: Jurassic Technologie, the duo’s debut LP, will be released soon enough. Until then, listen to “Knife” a thousand times. Then, listen to earlier songs “Empty Hands,” “Forgive,” and “Call Yourself a Lover,” all apparently intended for the LP and all descendants of the finer pop elements of the Drive soundtrack.]

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