Rationale Gives Us a Powerful ‘Something For Nothing’

He is Rationale.
He is Rationale. Photo Credit: Best Laid Plans/Rationale.

Butter-voiced Rationale is back with the sexy and tender “Something For Nothing,” a molasses-disco cut that further showcases the Brit’s ability to easily move between the 80s output of Tracy Chapman, Steve Winwood, and Lionel Richie, and the modern offerings of Chromatics, Chairlift, and any number of fine purveyors of contemporary R&B.

As with the cuts on his debut EP, Fuel to the Fire, “Something” taps into a very specific aspect of the human condition. Previously, he tapped into the glories of road-trippin,’ the soul-shattering complexity of mourning, the ecstasy of a meaningful romp, and the satisfying feeling of waking up next to your partner the next morning.

This time, Rationale’s clean guitar riffs are supported by a big and stomping backbeat and a variety of modest synthesizers that coalesce with his oft-soaring velvet pipes to bring about some sense of resolve. All of that stuff that happened before — whether good or bad — is in the past. Now we have this moment. Let’s do something with it.

The single is currently available in all the usual digital spaces via Best Laid Plans Records. You can also still buy the Fuel to the Fire EP digitally or on vinyl.

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