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Stop Everything and Pre-Order the New Com Truise Right Now

Photo Credit: Ghostly International.
Photo Credit: Com Truise/Ghostly International.

I did something today that I think you should do, too. I pre-ordered the new Com Truise EP, Silicon Tare, due on April 1.

There are three different options available from Ghostly International: Black or red vinyl, both with downloads, or download-only.

There are only 1,500 of the reds available, so if limited-edition iterations are your bag you’d better act fast. You get “Diffraction” straight away with your order and the entire five-cut collection will ship on April 1. No April Fools.

In advance of the EP’s release, Ghostly has unleashed lead single “Diffraction,” an exquisite and upbeat banger. Truise, AKA Seth Haley, has taken the synthetic dysfunction of Cyanide Sisters and expanded it into something gigantic, intense, and unabashedly retro. I can’t wait for the full EP.