Do Yourself a Favor and Listen to Midas Hutch’s ‘The High’ Right Now

Photo Credit: Morrison Schiffmacher.
Photo Credit: Morrison Schiffmacher.

Midas Hutch’s new single, “The High,” with Bluey Robinson’s pipes, is one of my favorite new retro R&B cuts.

Hutch (AKA Dutch producer FS Green) taps into the spirit of late 80s R&B and New Jack Swing with a staggering expertise. He’s got the syncopated rhythm section beloved by Flyte Tyme or Teddy Riley. On top of that are bending synth leads, shiny guitars, and ecstatic horns.

Holding it all together is UK-based Robinson, with the powerful emotion he creates with his vocals. I mean, he kills it. In doing so, he underscores something I’ve been thinking about with this cut. Hutch has made some pretty good modern funk/synth funk cuts à la Sven Atterton and Omega Supreme Records, but something magical happens when he pairs up with Robinson and tries his hand at retro R&B.

This is apparently Hutch’s first official single. Here’s hoping he has a whole LP with Robinson in the can.

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