This is Catchy as Hell: Baby Raptors’ latest single, ‘I Am My Only Love’

There are a lot of sub-par catchy songs out there — those that get stuck and won’t go away despite any number of emergency measures. A possible antidote to such a problem is a catchy song that is actually good. The infectious “I Am My Only Love” by Baby Raptors certainly fits the bill.

The latest cut from New York-based Tora Fisher’s project has an 80s — even 90s — pop vibe to it, resting nicely on an entirely modern foundation. The song’s easy-breezy arrangement of delectably galactic synths, jangly guitars, laid-back drums, and Fisher’s airy vocals make it easy to listen to the song repeatedly. Or, at the very least, when it gets inside your head you’ll be glad it’s there.

“Love” is one of two cuts Fisher made with producer Party Supplies. Late last year they gathered in a Brooklyn studio to craft this excellent cut, along with another one. The song hits iTunes and such on May 6. In the meantime, watch the delightful video.

Feature Photo: A screenshot from the song’s music video.