Where’s Vehlinggo?

You’ve probably noticed there haven’t been any posts this month, other than that awesome Mr. Robot one on June 1. That’s because Vehlinggo is on a June hiatus to work on some projects.

Throughout the month of June, check out the Facebook page for posts featuring the greatest hits of Vehlinggo’s interviews, reviews, and special columns. You might be surprised by how much fun the greatest hits list is (if you’re a regular reader, then maybe not).

So far this month it’s been Disasterpeace (It Follows), College, Gregory Jenkins (The Final Girls),  FM-84, Le Matos, Seahawks, Italo legend Fred Ventura, Remi Parson, a screed on Com Truise, Nola Wren, Pr0files, Tonite Records’ founder Peter Hecher, and Night Club (Moonbeam City).

What else is in store? Which big interview or popular review have you missed since the blog’s 2014 founding? Stay tuned.

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