Quick Takes: Collins, Midas Hutch, Elizabete Balčus, and More

I’ve got some short reviews for you today. At least one artist will look familiar and the others came into my attention by way of various sources. Some are really obscure, and others not so much. Have fun.

Collins – “Autophobia”

This is Collins’ first release on the excellent Giallo Disco label. Through delicate (and ostensibly analogue) synths, Collins takes us to dark places. It’s like Collins knows how to tap into that fear we all have in some form: that fear of ourselves.

Elizabete Balčus – “The Hanging Garden”

Cocteau Twins meets Bjork. Great arrangement and gorgeous vocals.

Midas Hutch – “I’m Not the One (Featuring Maribelle)”

Mr. Hutch is back with another catchy piece of synth funk. This time he’s got a great, Australia-based vocalist named Maribelle on his Minneapolis Sound cut.

BRÅVES – “A Toast”

Some massive vox paired with an ethereal contemporary synthpop sound. Big and earnest. Good times.

Lamor Compton – “Heal”

This is definitely an off-brand recommendation, but hear me out: Compton has crafted a spacey, compelling The Weeknd-esque cut.

(Feature Photo: Cover art for Hutch’s The High EP. Artwork by Morrison Cheyenne Schiffmacher.)

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