The Return of ‘The Rise of the Synths’

Do you remember that big 80s retro doc called The Rise of the Synths, which I wrote about earlier this year? It’s that documentary that will ostensibly feature College, Electric Youth, Com Truise, Maethelvin, Miami Nights 1984, and many other big-timers who’ve dabbled in some form of using the past to contemplate the present and future.

Well, the spring Kickstarter campaign failed, reaching a little more than half of its $166,000 goal. But it’s back! This time the producers are seeking $65,000 on Indiegogo, a platform similar to Kickstarter that is nevertheless not the zero-sum game Kickstarter seems to be. It also appears that filmmakers Ivan Castell and Javi Moreno have some institutional backing from the International Documentary Association, which will certainly help.

The campaign runs for the next month, but those who sign up for the doc’s newsletter can get access to some additional rewards (at least for the next 12 hours — after that it’s standard rewards, which are still good). Here are some examples of the standard rewards: For those of you who like your name in the marquee, kicking in $2,000 can get you an associate producer billing, along with some swag. Even a $100 can get you a shirt and the soundtrack, which will be distributed by the A1, primo soundtrack label Lakeshore Records (Drive, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, etc.).

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