‘The Summoner’ Soundtrack Is Poised to Haunt You with Retro Gems

The spectral short film The Summoner – starring Le Cassette’s Adam McNab — won’t be released for awhile, but the soundtrack is right around the corner.

Featuring the likes of retrosynthers Vincenzo Salvia, Maxthor, Dream Fiend, and Hello Meteor, the 12-cut soundtrack will be released on Nov. 18 on French label Lazerdiscs Records. You can pre-order it now, though.

Waveshaper (AKA Tom Andersson) is among the artists on the soundtrack, contributing two songs, “Emergence” and, along with Irving Force, “Retaliation.” Andersson tells Vehlinggo his roots with The Summoner date back to spring of 2014, when he first got to know director James Secker.

“He had a very big interest in and knowledge of the synthwave music scene and a big passion for 80s horror/action movies,” Andersson says. “I remember he liked the sound of my track ‘Awakening’ from the EP Sounds That Kill.”

“We started to discuss soundtrack directions for the film and became very good friends,” Andersson continues. “I always like to create more than just a track — I often use images and movie clips to generate creativity, so this project caught my attention from the start.”

“Emergence” is the introduction for the film and, because it’s a short, Andersson wanted to create something that sets the mood and gets the viewer’s attention from the get-go, he says.

“It is a very soundtrack-oriented opening that crosses over to a memorable theme,” he says.

The collaboration with Irving Force was “a joy to make,” he says. “We created this fast-paced action theme with a lot of 80s elements. Irving is great on guitars, so we brought out an interesting mix between our sounds.”

A particularly notable cut for me is Nightstop’s “Intimacy,” a moving, dark piece evocative of those moments when there’s beauty in even the most somber of occasions.

The Summoner — which also stars Mhairi Calvey, Alexandra Hansler, Kate Marie Davies and Mike Carr — is currently in post-production.

The soundtrack will come out via Lazerdiscs on Nov. 18, with pre-order available now. Here’s the tracklist:
Cover art for ‘The Summoner’ soundtrack. Photo credit: Lazerdiscs Records.
  1. Waveshaper – “Emergence”
  2. Vincenzo Salvia – “Fantasma”
  3. Nightstop – “Intimacy”
  4. D.notive – “Fire in Your Eyes”
  5. Hello Meteor – “Landline”
  6. Dream Fiend – “Pest Control”
  7. Sellorekt/LA Dreams – “Intruder”
  8. Nightstop – “The End is Night”
  9. Moondragon – “Crestfallen”
  10. Absolute Valentine – “Light in the Dark”
  11. Waveshaper & Irving Force – “Retaliation”
  12. Maxthor – “Buried Deep Inside”