Get Ready to Love LGHTNNG (Again)

Dutch group LGHTNNG are back with Getting Ready, an EP of emotionally poignant, dark, and catchy electro/synthpop cuts that in spirit fit easily alongside the likes of Chromatics and Pr0files.

Instrumentalists Wouter, Niek, and Richard give the EP’s five cuts some cleanly produced drum machines, an array of synths, and delicate guitar stylings; while singer Doortje has vocals that occupy the same space as Madeline Priest from the pseudo-eponymous Florida duo.

Previously released single “Keep It Together” is a medium-paced thing of beauty. It has the memorable melodies and angelic constitution of Electric Youth’s best work, over which the group’s female chanteuse sings about resilience in the face of a dissolving, or perhaps wholly dissolved, relationship.

The chorus has crystalline synth riffs and stabs that achieve pretty well the feeling of trying to keep it together in the face of disappointment, soul-crushing loss, and uncertainty.

“Hold On to Let Go” appears to take on the concept of trying to embrace someone or some concept a few more times before letting it go free. Or maybe it’s the false promise of togetherness in the face of clear dissolution. I’m not sure. What I do know is that the song has a firm and bouncy backbeat, some rough-edged arpeggiations, and some soaring melodies.

“Run” has the syncopated dark disco sentiment of songs like Pr0files’ “Like a Knife,” Priest’s “When the Strings Are Gone,” or Chromatics’ “Lady.” The backbeat’s gliding strut enraptures the listener while soothing synth pads and vocals encompass the listener with a pronounced sentiment of resilience.

Basically, “Run” is a good time. The whole record is a damn good time. And that’s exactly what we need right now.



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