Furniteur Is Back with a ‘Redundant Buzz’ You’ll Want to Listen to Forever


I’ve been waiting a while for this. If you could see me right now, you’d see one excited man. Finally, Furniteur have released the first single from their forthcoming Prince George Records LP, Perfect Lavender.

The DC-based synthpop group absolutely kills it on “Redundant Buzz” — a song written with Jahn Alexander of labelmates Pleasure Curses.

Singer (and noteworthy visual artist) Brittany Sims offers up her trademark angelic delivery, musing about falling in love with merely the first impression of someone, supported by drop-dead gorgeous instrumentation that recalls career-high Echo and the Bunnymen and New Order with an Italo rinse. The synthy bliss is courtesy of Kevin Bayly and Mike Toohey, both formerly of Brett. The kinetic drums owe their life to Brett’s Jonny Jester.

You might recall Furniteur’s self-titled EP from 2014, the Sims release which featured, among other things, the immaculate “Modern Love.” That song is outstanding and “Redundant Buzz” carries on the tradition. If “Buzz” is this good, we’re in for a treat whenever Perfect Lavender comes out.

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