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New ‘Vehlinggo’ Mixes: A Little Darkness and Light for Everyone

This month, I’ve put together two distinct mixes for people to enjoy. New mixes? You think with surprise. It’s been, what, a year-and-a-half since the last one?!

You’re correct. It’s been a while. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create mixes myself. They don’t have the professional, vinyl-centric sheen of the previously commissioned mixes (although one of the new ones does have vinyl cuts). Nevertheless, they’re a good time. Details below.

Vehlinggo Mix 5: I Wanted It Darker 

It’s a brief ride through some dark corners that culminate in some bright-shots.

  • Boy Harsher – “Morphine”
  • New Order – “5 8 6”
  • SURVIVE – “Sorcerer”
  • Leonard Cohen – “You Wanted It Darker”
  • Symmetry – “Cruise Control”
  • Monty Luke – “Tomorrow”
  • Electric Youth – “Final Girl”

Vehlinggo Mix 6: Some Light for Your Eyes

Despite the rather sunny conclusion of the previous mix, I realize that overall it was a dark one. Some live for that, but others might be more into the brighter side of things. Luckily, there’s Mix 6.

  • Goldfrapp – “Rocket”
  • Baltimora – “Tarzan Boy”
  • Paperwhite – “On My Own”
  • Glass Candy – “Warm in the Winter”
  • Furniteur – “Redundant Buzz”
  • College – “The Origin of Troubles”
  • Sebastien Tellier – “Roche (Breakbot Remix)”
  • Jan Hammer – “Crockett’s Theme”

Going forward, I personally intend to still create mixes. I’ve got an ambient one and an utterly off-kilter one each planned for February. However, I’m actively pursuing mixes from real DJs. Stay tuned.

(Feature Photo: Correfoc performance within the Nit de Foc celebration on Sept. 15, 2012, in Sitges, Spain. Credit: Anibal Trejo.)