Rudie Edwards, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Sometimes you just want a big nu-disco cut featuring specs of nostalgia and an extended, killer guitar solo and warm vocals to make things better. Enter UK-based singer, songwriter, and producer Rudie Edwards to help make your wish come true.

Edwards’ “Lover Like You” is definitely a modern dance-pop cut, but it’s a surefire descendant of the Donna Summer-Pete Bellotte-Giorgio Moroder Bad Girls era. This sets it apart from a lot of what’s out there right now masquerading as disco.

The massive single has a groove you can dance to, paired with some sizzling guitar histrionics that burn like pouring olive oil on a hot pan. It’s a nice combo more people to need to employ these days. The bass line and synth ambiance create a sense of immense tension and suspense that serve to make Edwards’ sexy, well delivered lyrics — about knowing what you want from a lover and not being afraid to ask for it — all the more poignant; and hot.

Overall, it’s really quite a great song. Edwards crafts a lyrical and musical space that’s authentic and not merely some ploy to use sex to sell music. Oh, and it’s a damn shame it’s only three minutes long. Rudie, if you’re reading: Please please please release an eight-minute 12-inch remix.

The song is out now on Atlantic Records. For additional listening, check out Edwards’ “I’m Not Her.”