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WATCH: Satellite Young’s ‘Senpai’ Anime Music Video

Japan-based Satellite Young has a particularly brilliant ability to recreate their nation’s pop from the 1980s. Now, for their song “Don’t Graduate, Senpai!,” they’ve found an animator who can meet their nostalgia with equal skill and ferocity.

Eric Bradford, co-creator of Swedish parody anime series Senpai Club, created the music video as an extension of his show. He and the trio, who originally recorded the song for his show, are a glorious match.

Check it out! Forget your cares with four minutes of blissful J-pop and anime. Keep an eye out for the band.

And if you love Satellite Young as remotely as much as I do, go to SXSW and witness them in their live glory on March 16. Also, check out Vehlinggo screeds on their previous work, such as the exquisite “Geeky Boyfriend.”

Bradford currently runs

(Feature Photo: A screenshot of the Senpai video.)