DEM YUUT Should Make Minneapolis Proud With ‘Dawn/Sea’

Minneapolis has often been a hot-bed of innovative bands that take the basic concepts of popular music and distill them into some new concoction that goes down smoothly with only the finest aftertaste and gives you a fantastic buzz.

Of course, there was Prince and his cohort, including The Time, Lipps Inc., and others, who crafted the “Minneapolis sound” of the 1980s — an eternally pleasing mixture of funk, synthpop, R&B, rock, and disco. And already seven years ago it was GAYNGS, a supergroup with 80s soft-rock, pop, and R&B infusions.

Now, we have DEM YUUT. On “Dawn/Sea,” the quartet combines the skittering splash of intensity of modern Top 40; the earnest affections of modern R&B; and the tender intimacy and reflection of Brooklyn laptop virtuosos, all so very well.

The hypnotic cut’s choppy bottom, brooding synths, rambunctious vocal-sample manipulations, and smooth, heartfelt vocal melodies are a catchy, rewarding combination to experience.

In other words, these guys are doing right by Minneapolis, my beloved hometown.

DEM YUUT consists of Danny O’Brien, Don House, Jeremy Hanson, and Jef Sundquist. Their debut LP, Liberator, is forthcoming. Buy “Dawn/Sea” on iTunes and add it to your Spotify playlists. They also do remixes.