Help Le Matos Go ‘Wall to Wall’

So you loved Turbo Kid, the nostalgia-tinged film featuring a Le Matos score? Now’s your chance to help that Montreal-based crew make a new sci-fi film — and no, you don’t have to spend any money. You just need to share, comment on, and like a killer new teaser trailer, featuring new music by Le Matos (one condition of them scoring grant money is social media popularity).

Mur a Mur (Wall to Wall), directed by Jesse Malcolm Sweet (Exode), is a 1990s-tinged dystopian sci-fi flick about a disreputable and oppressive underground prison. I’m told it’s inspired by films such as Fortress, Alien 3, Total Recall, THX1138, and Terminator (for its powerful female lead role).

Production company Les Enfants Terrible — which includes Sweet, Le Matos’ Jean-Philipe Bernier, Johnny F. Kim, and Road Kill Super Stars, folks who made Turbo Kid — is making the film. Fun note: Not only is Bernier in Le Matos, but he’s also a well-respected cinematographer and plied that trade in Turbo Kid; and he’s doing it again in Wall to Wall.

It looks awesome. Please help it get made.

(Feature Photo: A screenshot of the teaser trailer. That’s Charlotte Aubin looking at you.)

PS: Le Matos also did the Exode score, which Death Waltz will release on vinyl later this year.

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