There’s a Pretty Big Synth Festival Coming to New Jersey in May

(If you’re here looking for Human Music 2, which hits New Jersey on May 26-27, 2018, go here.)

What if I were to tell you that there will be a two-day synthwave festival in Newark, New Jersey, during Memorial Day weekend? And what if I mentioned it’d feature the likes of Night Club (Moonbeam City), Betamaxx (the resurrected Kung Fury artist’s first live show), GosT, Dance with the Dead (in the duo’s first East Coast show), and about a 16 other acts? Intrigued?

The Human Music – Retro Alternative Electronic Music Festival will take place May 27 and 28 at QXT’s at 248 Mulberry Street in Newark. In addition to the above acts, you’ll also find talented folks like The Encounter, Teeel, and Dead Astronauts, among so many others. (See the poster below.)

Tickets are available now, ranging from $40 a day to two-day deals. Check out the ticket website for more details. (Event is 21-plus — just an FYI.) An important thing to note: There will also likely be food trucks and other vendors. Yum.

I’ve never been to the venue, but I hear it’s great. I have, however, seen Night Club live a few times. They kill it. From what I’ve heard about some of the other acts, they also will put on a great show for you. If you’re anywhere near New Jersey, check this out. This might just be the first of its kind — and I’m jealous I didn’t do it first.

Human Music

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