Premiere: ‘Childhood Dream’ from Wojciech Golczewski’s ‘The Signal’

On April 2, Polish composer Wojciech Golczewski will release a new synthesizer-driven album called The Signal, which marks a prequel of-sorts to last year’s popular Reality Check. Here, Vehlinggo premieres “Childhood Dream,” a beautiful piece that complements well the scope of the album.

The space-themed record recalls the vast and cold emptiness of space using minimalistic, but majestic, synthesizers to create intricate and emotional arrangements.

Cover art by 'The Signal.'
Cover art for ‘The Signal.’ Credit: Ron Guyatt

Golczewski is known particularly for his film and television work, including the scores for We Are Still Here, Tonight She Comes, Beyond the Gates, and many others.

The Signal will be released on April 2 via Data Airlines, available in digital, CD, and tape formats. Death Waltz will release it on vinyl this spring.



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